Probably, you have decided to revamp your website. The first judicious step in that direction is to hire a web design agency or a developer. There are several aspects to consider before choosing one, and in this hiring web developer guide, we have 14 questions that you need to ask.

  • Who are your clients? No matter the company selected, always ask for references to know a company better.
  • How many projects have you done so far? Don’t just look at the number, but also the range of websites they have created.
  • Do you design responsive websites? More than 40% of internet searches are initiated on handheld devices, so your website needs to fit all screens.
  • What about SEO? Having a SEO-friendly website is necessary to ensure that online marketing works as intended.
  • Do you offer website maintenance plans? If you don’t have the time to manage your website, this can be handy.
  • What about other services? Many web design companies also specialize in SEO, online marketing and PPC, and this can be an added advantage.
  • Will you offer an estimate? Steer clear of companies that charge a fixed price for every project. Unless they have checked your requirements, estimate is not likely to be precise.
  • What’s your design process? It all usually starts with the initial discussion, and the company should keep you in loop with the work being done.
  • Will you offer a completely new theme? Note that customizing a theme and creating a custom theme are two different things. Depending on the budget, custom themes are always better.

  • Can you design according to my brand? While redesigning a website, many website owners want a more customized look that works with the existing portal. The branding needs to be consistent.
  • How long will it take to complete the project? Eventually, you want to be sure that the work will be done in time, and getting an estimate deadline is as important as the quote.
  • Are you accessible at all times? You need to know if the company and its developers are accessible to fix issues, if and when required. Tech support is not always free, so check for that.
  • Can you handle ecommerce? If you intend to sell things online, this is a very valid question.
  • Can you handle hosting and domain registration? Many website owners have no clue of the technical stuff, and if you are one of them, check if the company can set up the entire website.

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