When it comes to metal chunks, coins are the most precious ones. If you accidentally touch it and leave a slightest of a fingerprint, it can damage the luster or fingerprint for eternity, and all hells break loose when you remove a coin from a stapled cardboard 2×2. But, worry not. You can avoid such catastrophes by paying heed to some tips and applying some common sense. One of the ways to err could be the most detrimental as well. Always remember to never hold a coin high over a hard surface. Infinite coins have been scratched, dinged or have fallen off on concrete floors or glass display cases. So, to avoid these, follow these coin maintenance steps.

  1. Always carry a piece of soft fabric along with you at coin shows.

It is a tad bit of a different situation when it comes to coin shows. Many dealers have those soft presentation pads for showcasing the coins and many don’t provide any kind of cushioning between the coins you are viewing and the hard glass display case. Hence, always bring along a soft fabric with you. apart from avoiding a significant damage, if the coin is accidentally dropped by you, it also gives you as well as the dealer a peace of mind.

  1. Never touch the surface of the coin with your bare fingers.

This is applicable to uncirculated and proof coins as well. Even if you accidentally touch the surface of the silver dollar coin, you can permanently risk damaging the luster or blotching the mirror finish. Invest in cotton gloves as they are cheap and the easiest way to avoid putting on your skin oils from getting on the coin. If those coins accidentally get touched by those oils, as the time goes by, they will be changed into some notorious spots and fingerprints, and you may never be able to get rid of them. And, if you manage to, rest assured that the coin will be damaged. For the coins that are not valuable and are lower grade circulated coins, you don’t need to wear cotton gloves to have a look at them. In order to minimize the area impacted by the skin oils, hold the coin carefully by the rims with clean and dry hands.

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