People adore SUVs because of many reasons. Some prefer it because of enhanced visibility got from elevated seating position. Few like it because of SUV’s off-road capabilities. Several find the seats that fold-flat allowing to carry lots of luggage or large items valuable. Quite a lot adore its look and the commanding presence it gives the driver, while driving on the road.

Why opt for Mercedes Benz SUV?

Investing in a Mercedes Benz SUV is more than just fulfilling your needs. It is about adoring the way your requirements are fulfilled. Within each Mercedes model, you will find stylish, modest designs and detailing. Practicality is focused in this luxurious package to pamper the driver and the passengers till they reach their destination.

New SUVs are expensive but used Mercedes SUV can offer buyers plenty of top-shelf features for low prices. A lightly used Mercedes Benz SUV upgraded with optional advanced features can be bought for same rate as new but basic will not have multiple bells and whistles. Moreover, you will enjoy same comfort and prestige level buying it. Growing families buy Mercedes Benz SUV, when their convertible or sedan no longer fulfills their needs. They can stick to the same comfort and style. Driving characteristic of SUV is similar to Mercedes sedan.

Different Mercedes Benz SUV models

GL/GLS Class

GL Class is full size SUV having ample room accommodating 7 adults in three row seats along with their luggage. It was launched in 2007 [GL450], was upgraded in 2010 and replaced in 2013. Second generation GL got bigger and featured engine changes. The GL63 AMG employs twin turbo-charges on huge 5.5L V8 generating 550hp.

ML.GLE Class

Mid-sized SUV appeared in 1997 with box-on-frame construction just like a truck. In 2006, the 2nd generation ML arrived with car like uni-body and the handling & ride were enhanced significantly.

In 2012, the 3rd generation got launched for five passengers without third row and limited space for luggage. The ML350, ML550 [400hp] and ML63 AMG [518hp]. In 2015, ML250 BlueTEC with 4-cylinder turbo charged engine got introduced. All the MLs are equipped with AWD.


Mercedes Compact SUV category entered the market introducing GLK350, in 2010. It was a replica of the C-Class sedan. Accommodated 4 adults with sufficient seating for 5 [bit tight] and limited luggage room. This SUV got refreshed in the year 2013 with smoothening of sharp exterior edges and lines. Interiors was updated with wood trim and high end materials. In 2016, GLK got replaced with totally new GLC. It is longer and wider than its predecessor. Backseat passengers get more legroom.


GLA rolled over in 2015, which is lower and shorter than compact GLK SUV. Interiors deliver premium experience and there are 2 GLA models to choose, GLA 250 and GLA 45 AMG.