Bento boxes are the norm for Japanese families. Parents pack these compartmentalised boxes with healthy foods to help sustain their kids during the day. Even adults can be seen carrying these decorative boxes for lunch. They are often full of intricately cut and decorated items, as well. You do not have to get fancy to enjoy the benefits of a bento box. It is not the panda bear cut-outs that make the food healthy. You can, however, reap the benefits of bento lunches by following a few dietary guidelines.

Losing Weight

Bento boxes are great for those trying to lose weight. The boxes usually have small compartments that are customarily filled with rice, vegetables, and protein items. The small compartments help to keep you from eating too much at once. You can easily use these boxes as a tool to measure each meal of the day. They come in different sizes for adults and kids. Be sure to get one big enough, however, to hold a proper amount of nutrition. One rule of weight loss is to make your food look nice on the plate. A nice presentation can help you enjoy your food more, even when there is less of it. Try some traditional Japanese foods in your bento box to get even healthier.

Save Money

Many people go out to eat when they are bored with lunch box options. This often leads to unhealthy choices and can be hard on the budget. There are some great options to help save money with a bento box. The box is easy to care for and pack. Unlike some complicated lunch containers, the bento box is usually just two pieces, the top and bottom. The many sections is what gives it variety. You may be more willing to pack your lunch when it is this easy. The many compartments also allow for a variety of foods including your dinner leftovers. There is also less of a chance that you may waste food due to the smaller sizes of the bento box. Enjoy a quality eco-friendly bento lunch box from Seed & Sprout.


Kids can be picky eaters, making it difficult to pack lunches that they actually want to eat. Sometimes it’s all in the packaging. There are many kid specific bento boxes shaped like animals. They may also have bright colours. This can help your picky eater enjoy lunchtime. With several containers, you have plenty of room to pack several of their favourites. If you want to get creative, you can look up some tutorials on artistic Japanese bento lunches. These elaborate creations are sure to get any child excited about lunch.

There are several benefits to owning a bento box. They make it easy to watch your portions while dieting and they are incredibly easy to pack. The different sections allow for variety without room for extra large portions. Your kids may find lunch more interesting when you treat them to a decorative bento box and make a creative meal. Research online to find the right bento for you.