Almost every brand wants to boost its Instagram following, but most don’t know where to start. Of course, the guesswork of following/unfollowing people in tandem with including hashtags can only go so far. And with how Socialrocketer published their top Instagram tools list, we figured it was time to follow suit from the thought leader and release our own as well. That’s why we’re bringing you the top 10 Instagram tools to get more followers in no time. Check them out below:


One of the best engagement tools, SocialSteeze helps you get real followers quickly. We’ll note this isn’t necessarily just buying followers outright, but rather having a curtailed audience based upon the niche industry you’re involved in. From athletic wear companies to musicians, Social Steeze has a selectively curated list of audience sectors to help build your followers up quickly. Check them out if you’re looking for a solution that will help build your base quickly, but efficiently.

Magic Social

Another great engagement service, Magic Social does an amazing job of getting real followers to your account quickly. With an intuitively designed platform, setting up and reaching niche audiences is a breeze–and with pricing between $15-25 per week, the value you’re getting back in return is some of the best. Make them your tool of choice if you’re looking to save on building an audience without breaking the bank.

Hashtags are the conversation finders of Instagram, which is why knowing how to use them efficiently is such an important practice. While most of us know that hashtags can bring people to our page, getting them to engage, follow, and repeat is a whole different beast. However, that’s where HashTagsForLikes comes in.

HashTagsForLikes simplifies the hashtag selection process by simply listing out what the most popular and engaging hashtags are for your industry. At a price point that gives you excellent long-term value, consider looking into them as a strategy for including more hashtags without the hassle of brainstorming, aggregating and refining them.


To be successful on Instagram, your brand needs a schedule, which is why CoSchedule can be such a great solution. With a relatively easy-to-use platform that helps you schedule and assign your posts with ease, this is crucial for increasing your brand awareness. In fact, as noted by LucidPress, brands that are consistently presented receive 3 to 4 times more visibility than those that don’t, which is why getting a scheduling platform in place is so crucial for bringing on a bigger audience.


A classic tool for any marketer, PhotoShop is especially important to use for your Instagram account as well. This is great not only to edit photos but also to make them consistent with your aesthetic; because as noted by Zimmer Communications, a color association can increase brand awareness by 80 percent. Yes, getting in the practice of editing your photos with a similar look or color scheme will serve you well long-term, especially in separating yourself from the crowd.

Although we’ve all heard the saying, the folks over at turned it into an actual product. Yes, is an excellent solution to have a one-stop link for all the posts on your Instagram page. Especially useful for eCommerce,  because as noted by Upfluence, 70 percent of users are more likely to buy something via Instagram than any other social network. The best part? With built-in analytics, gives you the complete package for building out your pipeline from post to check out.

Buzz Sumo

In the age of the influencer, it can be difficult to find those that can give you a significant amount of value for their postings. In fact, as noted by Influencer Marketing Hub, 67.6 percent of marketers consider finding relevant influencers their largest challenge, which is why Buzz Sumo can be such a great solution. As a platform designed to help find the influencer that can give your brand the best ROI, they’re certainly ahead of the game regarding quantifiable results for influencer campaigns. No matter how often you use influencer campaigns, this is a strong consideration if you’re considering running one soon in the future.


If HashtagsForLikes gives you a custom set of tags for your industry, Autohash helps fill in the gap with personalized hashtags for your brand. According to Adweek, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag can increase engagement by 12.6 percent,  which if your brand can own that tag, then you’re off to the races. Although not as comprehensive as HashtagsForLikes, it’s a service that can help compliment it with providing branded tags.


Tracking analytics for Instagram is a must for any successful digital marketer. In fact, as noted by Statista, over 1 billion people are now on Instagram, which is practically 1/6th of the world! Not only is important to start looking at how you can specifically target an audience, but how well you’re performing with them. Which, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, then Owlmetrics is a sure bet.

What makes Owlmetrics great is how they dive deep into the details, but simplify the delivery. Items like followers, hashtags, engagement, and distribution are all neatly displayed in a row, highlighting what matters most to you. At one of the most affordable price points for social analytics, Owlmetrics can be a great solution to stay on the ball with your efforts.

Social Gone Viral

Aiming for the top spot of engagement software, Social Gone Viral is an absolute gem. Intuitively designed with a flow that helps identify and recognize where your follower base can grow, their platform gives you a chance to hone in on testing the niche audiences that might be responsive to your brand. With pricing that puts them up towards some of the best, this service is practically a steal to keep on your radar. Plus, who doesn’t want to go viral?

What are some tools you’ve found successful in building up your Instagram follower base? Comment with your insights below!