A clean and sustainable source of electrical power is what the future holds for us, as long as governments do the right thing. Fortunately, the South Australian government is visionary enough to offer subsidies for homes and businesses who invest in solar panels and solar batteries. This can make all the difference to our carbon footprint as a state and as a nation.

Why Is it So Important?

The fact is that our reliance on coal-fired power has not done us any favours. Along with industry, the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere as a result of burning coal means that our climate is changing. This carbon dioxide acts as a blanket and traps heat in the atmosphere. This is causing all sorts of damage to ecosystems, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and is also causing extreme weather events.

Australia is now having to endure longer and hotter summers and winters that seem to stretch on and on. Indeed, the clear division between the four seasons that we once took for granted has all but disappeared, and every year we seem to be setting record high temperatures. This is due to climate change.

The impact that this can have is not to be underestimated. As our climate warms and sea temperatures rise, delicate ecosystems start to collapse. These changes to the food chain not only have an effect on us, but they also place entire animal populations at risk of extinction.

Furthermore, as our summers get hotter and average rainfall decreases, land that was once used for farming and growing crops is not viable anymore. Just imagine the impact that this would have on export and tourism in the wind industry as grapes become harder to grow due to climate change.

Solar Is the Way Forward

The good news is that we can further reduce our reliance on coal and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. The South Australian government is subsidising the installation of home solar systems, including a quality home battery. Why is a solar battery so important? Consider the following:

  • Clean energy: Solar is a virtually limitless sustainable resource, and the one thing that we have plenty of in this country is sunshine! This means that we can produce electrical energy without having to rely on the grid and the burning of coal. It’s clean energy that doesn’t pollute the environment, doesn’t need to be mined out of the ground, and doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions.
  • Storage: The addition of a solar battery to a solar panel array means that electrical energy can actually be stored for use at a later time. For anyone in an area that is vulnerable to power outages during the heat of summer, this is great news. It also means that when the sun isn’t shining, homeowners don’t have to draw power from the grid and spend money. Not great news for the private power companies, but great news for the bank account and the environment.

Solar energy technology has improved exponentially in recent years and now represents a fantastic clean energy future for all South Aussies.