With changing times, management techniques must change, and that includes finding new strategies and means to improve operations and processes. Unless operational efficiency is enhanced, it is impossible to achieve the goal of better profitability, and that’s where Gemba walk comes in the picture. Gemba walks is a management technique, where managers go to the real places where work is being done and talk to employees and works, so as to find possible scope for improvement.  In this post, we will discuss why Gemba walks are so important and why your business should consider the option.

  • Because it offers firsthand information. If you really want to know what’s happening in the actual workplace, the best possible approach is to observe, and that’s exactly the purpose of Gemba. It’s not about strategizing changes and implementing new things, but more about getting firsthand information.
  • Because it doesn’t cost a bomb. Conducting Gemba walks doesn’t cost a fortune, which is why small and large businesses can implement it effectively without any concerns. Yes, having an app, such as the one from Tervene, does make the job easier, but there are no extra costs involved.
  • Because it shows respect. During a Gemba walk, most managers will talk to employees, seek their inputs, and ask about their concerns and problems, which fosters good relationships. Gemba walks ensure that the employees, especially the workers, who are doing the first-line jobs, feel the pleasure of being a part of the system.

  • Because it improves productivity. The whole purpose of Gemba is to enhance productivity, and that’s an advantage for every business. You can find out more on activities that can be eliminated, the aspects that need attention, and how each process can be planned, so as to make operations more effective.
  • Because it facilitates collaboration. A Gemba walk basically brings various activities together under an umbrella. Management gets a deeper look at real issues that might be impacting processes, while people working for the organization have the scope to get heard. Also, the apps that simplify Gemba walks are great for collaboration and discussing things within the management setup.

If you want to conduct Gemba walks successfully, focus on the processes and not the people. It is also critical that people know what a Gemba walk actually is, so that they can share their inputs without feeling the pressure or getting nervous. Check online for apps related to this.