Headshot photos are used by people for many purposes. People use headshots for the promotion of their book, on articles, website banners, promotion of certain products, newsletters, business card, book jacket, etc. Some also use it for social media websites, brochures, email signatures, and job applications as well.

You can hire Professional Headshot Photographer if you want headshot photos for professional work but if you are planning on using them for social media website, email signatures, etc. you can take the photos by yourself too and all you need is a phone with good camera.

Follow the steps given below and no one will ever know that these photos were not taken by a professional!

  • Pick A Phone With Good Camera: You just cannot afford to try to wing it with any phone with a mediocre camera. If you think your phone doesn’t give a clear professional camera shot then don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues or friends who own good camera quality phones.
  • Find The Right Spot: It doesn’t matter if you are shooting outdoors or indoors. You have to look for the right backdrop for your photo so that the focus remains on you. Also, make sure that the lighting is perfect. If you are shooting in sunlight, pick the time slot when the sunlight covers the ground evenly. This will help you get the perfect lighting and avoid any shadows on the image.
  • Don’t Attempt To Click Yourself: If you are clicking a selfie, you can do it with your front cam. But when you are taking a headshot, ask someone to take the photo for you. Ask your friend or colleague to keep the camera still and click when the focus, lighting, backdrop and your pose is aligned perfectly. Also, take as many pictures as you can so that you can find the right one.

  • Stay Natural: You don’t have to strike a magazine cover pose to get the perfect headshot. Be yourself and stay casual. Make sure your clothing and makeup are not too much. The picture is supposed to look like you have clicked it while you were living just another normal day of your life. Your clothes and the background should be casual. You can choose neutral colors for indoor shoots and if you are shooting outdoors then brick walls, green background like trees, etc will be perfect for your headshot photography.