Deciding on the right corrugated box for your products can be challenging. There are a lot of details you should take into account before you make your final decision. Making the wrong choice of boxes can result in an increased risk of damaging your products, degrading their presentation, and even spending money than you have planned. When you choose boxes, make sure you consider the following:

The Number of Wall Box Your Product Needs

Corrugated boxes can have single, double, or triple wall box.

  • Single-wall boxes. They have an inner and outer layer as well as fluting medium. This should be your choice if you want to store or transport lightweight products which don’t require extensive protection. Because of their strength and durability, these boxes can be used as retail packaging boxes or shipping containers.

  • Double-wall boxes. These the perfect choice of you your products stored for longer periods of time. You can benefit from them if you use the services of a removal company or courier regularly. In general, these boxes are used when shipping heavier items or glass items.
  • Triple-wall boxes. These boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. They are a great choice when you want your heavy or fragile items transported. These boxes are also used in large bulk type boxes which can be filled with granular products.

Style of the Box

Best cardboard box packaging can have flaps at the bottom or top which may be taped together after assembly. Other styles of these boxes include hinged and removal lids.

The Box Dimensions

You must pick the right size of cardboard boxes. Measure the length, height, and width of your product carefully and pick boxes which can accommodate such measurements with minimal excess.

Box Printing

Boxes, usually those that hold fragile items, will require special information. This makes special printing necessary on them. But, printed labels and tapes that have either standard or custom notices are usually a more cost-effective solution applicable to any boxes.

Product Quality

Your choice of boxes should also depend on your product’s quality like size, weight, and category. For heavy products, a full-overlap carton can be your best choice. For flat and fragile products, you should use a five-panel folder for better protection.

Product Padding

Before you package your product, consider the level of protection it requires. If you want to package fragile items, they may need a certain level of cushioning like bubble wraps around them and loose cushioning foam inside the box gaps. Take this into account when you measure your product and choose the right box size.