Stereophile refers to a monthly magazine focusing on home audio high-end equipment such as amplifiers and loudspeakers, in fact all the news that is audio-related, inclusive of online audio streaming. Stereophile is the largest body created offering credible audio information anywhere. The truth is that each month more reviews and articles are added to the database online from the magazine.


This magazine Stereophile was established by J. Gordon Holt in 1962. John Atkinson was the editor who joined in May 1986 the magazine. It was published by a publisher, the Enthusiast Network in New York as he had a special interest in magazines. This magazine was based formerly in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was published 8 times a year during that period.

Sterophile was purchased in March 2018 by AVTech Media Ltd. this includes features such as “Records to Die For” section that has each writer and editor reviews as outstanding albums and also a bi-annual issue of ‘Recommended Components’ featuring audio equipment that is being reviewed in the past as A, B, C or D level components and the most recommended was the ‘A’.

The Stereophile magazine comes every month and offers authoritative reviews, helpful tips, advice, informed recommendations, and controversial opinions that stems out from various ideas.


Stereophile was founded in 1962 by J. Gordon Holt. He was High Fidelity reviewer previously and he created Stereophile to focus on the audio components that actually sounded while in use. This magazine was sold by Holt to Larry Archibald, a Santa Fe businessman in 1982 and was then sold in the year 1986 to John Atkinson, who left the HI-FI News, the UK magazine editorship to become Stereophile editor that he holds even today.

In 1998, Atkinson and Archibald sold the magazine to Hot Rod, Petersen Publishing, renowned as the publisher and originator. It also includes many more automotive and specialty magazines. A year later, Petersen was bought by the American arm, EMAP USA, an English publishing conglomerate. However, in 2001, two years later, the US magazines, EMAP’S was bought by Primedia that sold to Source Interlink, a print and physical media public-traded distributor, its magazine in 2007.  Then the magazine holdings were sold to Golden Tree in 2013. This asset management company labeled the holdings of the magazine as TEN, The Enthusiast Network.

On 22 March, it was confirmed that the websites and magazines of TEN’s Home Network was sold to Hi-Fi News, the UK-based publisher, AV Tech Media Ltd. This comprised of Hi-Fi News, Home Cinema Choice, Hi-Fi Choice and a group producing the Hi-Fi annual show.