It is often considered a sad day for the snowmobilers when they have to store their ski-doo in the summers, but paying heed to all the right steps in the spring can make all the difference once the snow begins to fall the next season.

Here are some tips and tricks for storing the snowmobiles in the summer.

Snowmobile fuel system

If you are using ethanol-blended fuel, the most important step is to add fuel stabilizer to any remaining fuel in the tank and run your sled for quite long to attain that mixture into the entire system. This is important for long term summer sled storage.

Snowmobile oil changes

If you own a ski doo 4-stroke snowmobile, this is the ideal time to change the snowmobile oil, getting rid of any dirt and particles before it settles in the summer.

Change the chaincase oil

It is also the best time to refresh your chaincase oil. Take out the old one and put in the fresh one to eliminate the moisture inside for the winter use and your chain and gears are coated with clean and fresh oil.

Wash, rinse, and shine

Now when it comes to cleaning the ski doo itself, grab a bucket, sponge, hose and give your sled a good scrub and rinse. This eliminates the dirt and salt and the chances of corrosion as well. This is an important step if you are using an open trailer to transport your sled. If you are using an enclosed trailer, imagine all the crossings and corners you have carved through. Once you have thoroughly washed and dried, give it a good shine with a protective wax or polish before storing your snowmobile in for the summers. By doing this, you will keep all the harmful substances at bay from the finishes on your sled and make it look sharp for the next winter season. If you are looking to buy a used snowmobile, visit

Lube your snowmobile chassis

Think about where your sled has endured the bumps, drops, moguls, and sidehills along the way. All of those parts worked very hard for you. Now it is time to show them some love. The snowmobile is equipped with grease jerks to make this an easiest step in the summer storage process. You will find them in the suspension arms’ base in the rear skid and a couple near the ski spindles depending on the year and model of the snowmobile. Make sure you consult your user manual to find them all.