Are you aware that there is a special technique to picking apples from the autocueillette verger? You want to ensure that the apple you pick is firm enough and bears no bruises or cracks. It is deemed the best practice to pick an apple that has good color throughout and one that is lustrous and not dull. When picking an apple from a spur bearing apple tree, ensure that you don’t pluck the entire spur off. This is because that same spur will cultivate the apples for the next year and you would want to make sure to slowly and gently roll the apple up and off the tree so that the entire stem is separated from the spur.

Common Apple Varieties You Should Know About

  1. Honeycrisp

When you bite into a Honeycrisp, you will listen to the gratifying sound of a crunch. These apples bear rough skin and a marbled yellow and red exterior. It has a mellow flavored profile and their extreme juiciness makes them the perfect option for sweet and savory dishes. You can try having Honeycrisps in winters with Creamy Apple and Tomato Soup.

  1. Fuji

Fuji apples look similar to Honeycrisp apples when it comes to color. The huge size of the Fuji apples are integrated with their crisp texture and extreme sweetness which deems it as the perfect apple for baking purposes. These fresh Fuji apples are an important ingredient for an apple pie. They are great because of the texture.

  1. Red delicious

They are an everlasting apple variant and are available in the US for a long time. They are softer than the Fuji apples, have a dark red color and a juicy interior. Red Delicious apples are best enjoyed when eaten raw as they don’t hold the texture or form when in the baking process. This can be best used with Caramel Apple Pudding Parfait.

  1. Gala

They are crisp and tender and bear a mild and sweet flavor. Most of this very variety has a red exterior with a touch of green and yellow strips. They are versatile in nature and used in salads. Cook this with crispy Apple Slaw with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette recipe.

  1. Jonagold

Jonagolds are a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. They are a soft shade of red and touch of yellow at places. This apple is crispy and has a thin skin. It has a tart and sweet taste. This integrates the texture of Golden Delicious and flavor of Jonathan which makes it perfect for Easy Baked Apples recipe.