Wood has been a priceless building material for a large number of years, yet in specific circumstances; it is inclined to rot, constraining its convenience for few applications. Situations that are inclined to dampness, that empower the development of microorganisms or that harbor wood-exhausting bugs are particularly trying for common wood items. While other building materials, for example, concrete, rock, aluminum or steel, might be used instead of wood in certain adverse conditions, however they are significantly costlier and hard to work with.

To battle the restrictions of regular wood and make it reasonable for use in more outrageous conditions, pressure treated lumber was produced. To make such lumber, great amount of pressure is utilized to make forced entry of various chemical compounds into the grain, giving protection from the bacterial development, fungal growth and pest infestation.

As a building material, pressure treated lumber offers a few one of the kind favorable circumstances over natural wood lumber and also other building items. The following are six distinct plus points for utilizing pressure treated lumber as building material for your next venture.

  • Moisture resistance

Any natural wood cannot survive long under humid condition as it can get infested by bacteria, fungus and many other organisms and on the other hand, pressure treated lumber is chemically treated that can protect against such hazards. You can keep these lumbers immersed in water for a longtime and yet remain unaffected.

  • Fire resistance

One of the biggest threats to any wooden building is fire incidents, which can totally destroy any natural wood. These lumbers are treated with fire retardant chemicals which can offer plenty of fire-resistant property on this pressure treated lumber.

  • Variety of sizes

These lumbers are available in many different sizes and cross sections to suit any kind of applications. You can get them both in square as well as round cross sections which may be needed for a variety of applications.

  • Cost

If you compare its cost with natural wood then you will surely find them expensive as lots of value addition is done on them. However, if you compare the cost with stone or concrete, you will surely find it cost effective.

  • Durability

It has far longer life as compared to any natural wood and can withstand any kind of environmental stress under adverse situation.

  • Ease of use

Like its predecessor natural wood, the pressure treated wood can also be cut, sawed, nailed or drilled for many different applications.