Wedding seasons, festive seasons call for people to start shopping for new dresses, decorative items for the house, and most important accessories. An accessory is a very first thing you start hunting for and if you are buying gold ornaments, many people prefer placing an order in advance. This is to ensure that the order is received on time and also because your jeweler is probably very busy during these occasions. You also get a lot of time to sit and plan the products and ornaments you want and how they should look like.

But if you haven’t decided it yet and your sister’s wedding is very close, you don’t want your preparations to be neck to neck with the function dates. This might end up with you making last minute changes to your overall outfits and jewelry which you may or may not like. There is probably very less time left and you have no time at all to research. So we have come up with a list of hacks that will finalize designs for your jewelry. And who knows those might become the design of gold bangles you are going to wear on the big day!

  • Match your outfit – By this, we don’t mean you to start looking for jewelry that matches your outfit color. But what we really mean is that you select the color which will be contrasting with your outfit.

  • Determine the ornament – If you have chosen an outfit which is heavily designed with a lot of work on it, you might want to go very light on your accessory and vice versa. The main focus should be you and your look should not be overwhelmed with your heavily loaded outfit as well as an accessory.
  • The design – Your ornament should go well with your outfit but there is no use of it if it is the only outfit that can be worn with the jewelry. Picking versatile designs and patterns will give you the freedom to repeat the jewelry so that you don’t have to burn holes in your pocket every time someone gets married.
  • Every Occasion Jewelry – You don’t want to look great only at weddings so when you pick a design or accessory, make sure that it is suitable for other occasions as well.

Festivals, events, functions, and weddings are stressful and we know it. So planning beforehand will save time as well as money!